When do we practice?

SSRD practices two times a week. Practice days and times may change throughout the season depending on facility availability. Typically, advanced skaters practice Tuesday and Thursday evenings (7:00-9:00pm) while beginner skaters have practiced Sundays (TBD) and Tuesdays (7:00-9:00pm). This season we will have our new skaters practicing at NEO Adult Education Center and advanced skaters will have practices Thursdays at the Indiana National Guard, Gary Armory as our home practice space.

How much does roller derby cost?

Each skater is required to have the following gear which will typically cost ~$300

In addition to gear, SSRD members pay monthly dues ($40) to support the league. Each skater is also required to purchase WFTDA- Women’s Flat Track Derby Association- insurance annually (~$75 [price has fluctuated due to COVID]).

Where do I purchase gear?

Gear can be purchased online or at some local stores (we recommend Steve from Lombard Roller Rink). Some of the brands common to roller derby: 187, Scabs, Smith, Triple 8, Atom, Riedell, Jackson, Radar, etc

Current SSRD skaters are happy to recommend tried and tested gear if you need advice. We also have some extra gear to loan for the time in-between starting Freshmeat and purchasing your own gear.

How does joining the team work?

When anyone joins the league, they begin in our “Freshmeat Program”. (Freshmeat is a common derby term to describe a new and inexperienced skater). New members must complete a 90 day probation period prior to being accepted into the league. During this time, Freshmeat skaters will train separately from our advanced skaters while learning the basics of skating and derby. Freshmeat skaters are required to make 75% attendance during that time. Near the end of the 90 day probation, skaters will be tested according to SSRD’s Minimum Skills Test and the WFTDA Written Rules Test. These assessments are designed to ensure the safety of all skaters. Passing these tests allow skaters to move up to the advanced practices.

Additional questions?

Please reach out to SouthShoreRollerDerby@gmail.com with any questions you may have!